Cocaine at the Candy Store?

Chocolate Store

Today drugs are everywhere and the drug culture is trying to take a grip on society, destroying families and crippling communities. This became evident in a very shocking way in Cedar Rapids Iowa where a man was selling crack cocaine out of a candy shop that he owned. Even more disturbing the candy shop was located quite close to two different playgrounds. The man admitted that he had sold crack cocaine six times to an undercover officer five of the six times he had done so inside his candy store. The investigators while looking into his company found that his company bank account had only five dollars in it for several month and that the cash registrar had almost no money. He admitted that the store was not doing well and he used the money he was getting from selling crack to keep the business afloat. It was reported that he told the undercover officer to purchase something else so it seemed like a normal transaction on a couple of occasions.

Howard was sentenced in Cedar Rapids by United States District Court Chief Judge Linda R. Reade to 71 months’ imprisonment. A special assessment of $100 was imposed. He must also serve a six-year term of supervised release after the prison term. There is no parole in the federal system.

This story brings up a terrifying truth about the availability of drugs and just how susceptible anyone can be to falling into drug addiction. There is a solution to this problem though and that is drug education. Teaching kids at a young age the truth about drugs and what they can do to a persons life has proven to be one of the best forms of drug abuse prevention. Sitting down with your kid and teaching them the facts of drug addiction and how destructive they are may save you years of pain and heart ache in the future. This is why we offer free drug education materials on the facts and signs of drug abuse for all drugs. Please call us today for free drug education materials or if one of your loved ones is struggling with drug addiction.