Naloxone Is Not a Solution to Drug Addiction

In the past year more and more states are legalizing Naloxone the overdose reversing drug for home prescription and to be carried by emergency officials, such as cops and paramedics. This is an awesome way of preventing so many individuals from loosing their lives from the horrors of addiction. Those who pushed for these laws should be applauded for their efforts to thwart the rising incidents in heroin over doses. That said, saving someone from a fatal overdose is not a permanent solution. Someone who is addicted to heroin or pain killers will not usually be deterred by a near death experience.

Drug Ed Materials

There are only two ways to fully remedy the situation. The first is to prevent the addiction in the first place. This is done through effective drug education starting at a young age. Teach kids the truth about how drugs effect the body and reinforce the message over time. Drug education has shown to be incredibly effective in preventing future drug abuse. We offer free drug education material on signs of drugs abuse for all drugs. Please call us today. We would be very happy to send you some free of any charge.

The second approach to drug addiction is to treat the problem that already exists. Finding the right treatment center for your loved one can be difficult and timely. It is unfortunate that many addicts have experienced rehabilitation as a revolving door and, at best, a temporary solution. Narconon Louisiana stands out as a substantial majority of our program graduates remain free from drug or alcohol addiction. The unique Narconon program helps the addict to address the factors underlying in his or her addiction and which make relapse all too common.

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