Narconon New Life Retreat Provides Real Answers to Drug Addiction

Patio at Narconon

For the addicted person who has tried everything to stop his drug abuse, Narconon New Life Retreat Retreat is often a ray of hope in an otherwise dark, bleak landscape.

From the moment a person arrives, he (or she) knows that he has enrolled in a program unlike any other.

He isn’t badgered into believing that his addiction is an incurable disease that he must suffer from for the rest of his life.

He isn’t offered drugs like methadone or buprenorphine that satisfy the body’s need for opioids but that keep him influenced by addicted substances.

He isn’t forced to endure an excruciating withdrawal process. To stay sober, he does not need to rely on other drugs that block the effects of addictive substances -—Instead, he is expected to build a new, sober life with our help.

We call our clients “students” because their primary duty is learning the skills they need to achieve lasting sobriety. A New Life Retreat student is treated with respect and dignity.

Narconon does not employ Twelve Step principles—rather, we encourage and help our students to learn to be more powerful than any urge to use drugs. We never suggest that anyone is powerless over their addictions.

Narconon New Life Retreat is a drug-free program, and unique in that it offers a proprietary method of nutrition, exercise, and therapy that tremendously eases suffering from withdrawal.

The best drug rehabs don’t just get a person off drugs but go on to help the student mend his life and close the door on any possibility of reverting back to the self-destructive lifestyle of addiction.

New Life Retreat offers drug abuse solutions that can enable those who were once addicted to lead productive, drug-free lives thereafter. Of course, life gives you ups and downs, but a New Life Retreat graduate is equipped to deal with life’s unexpected upsets and turmoil in a drug-free manner.

If you would like to learn how you or your loved one can become a successful graduate of our program, contact our residential drug treatment facility intake specialists now.