Narconon Provides Effective Help for Alcoholism

Gazebo at Narconon Louisiana

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehab program has been successfully treating alcohol addiction for years.

Alcohol depresses the function of the brain and spinal cord and so decreases moral inhibitions and impairs judgment.

Excessive drinking can result in coma and even death. Alcohol abuse also causes loss of coordination, memory lapses, blackouts, and distorted vision. It has a more damaging effect on teens than on adults.

Short-term effects of alcohol include flushed skin, impairment of judgment, slurred speech and comprehension loss. Heavy drinking results in a hangover, nausea, anxiety, and weakness. Sometimes shakiness and vomiting will also occur.

Alcohol abuse also causes damage that takes longer to show up. Example: increased tolerance. This results in a person needing to drink a higher volume of alcohol to get the same effects that a smaller dose used to deliver.

Continued alcohol consumption results in an increased risk of heart disease. Pregnant mothers abusing alcohol often give birth to children with defective hearts, brains and other vital organs.

Eventually, after lengthy periods of consistent alcohol consumption, a person becomes dependent on alcohol. He (or she) thinks one needs to drink just to make it through life.

After a lengthy time spent drinking a high volume of alcohol, a person cannot just suddenly stop drinking. His withdrawal could bring on high fever, convulsions—and even death. This person will need medical detoxification supervision and support to help him get off the alcohol and ready to enter a rehab program like the one at Narconon.

The Narconon program is ideally suited to help an alcoholic recover from chronic alcohol use. Those who spend a considerable time addicted generally find that their lives are a shambles and they have lost some or all life skills. Therefore, withdrawal from alcohol must be followed by a repair of relationships and problems and development of new life skills.

Thousands of former alcoholics now lead sober, happy lives as graduates of the Narconon program.

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