Narconon Provides Effective Drug Abuse Prevention and Education

Narconon Staff delivering drug education

More than 24 million Americans abuse drugs, including an increasing number of children.

The problem is that once a child or adult experiments with a drug, the door has been opened to more use of the drug and even the possibility of addiction.

Whether or not a person ends up addicted has a lot to do with whether or not drug use seems to solve his (or her) problems.

A shy person doesn’t feel shy anymore when she gets drunk; a person stressed over work problems no longer thinks about them after he smokes a joint; a woman worried about her marriage and finances can’t even feel the problems anymore after a few puffs on a crack pipe. But in each of these cases, the individual has given up his sobriety and health for a false and dangerous solution.

These drug users do not realize how damaging drugs are to their lives and the lives of family and friends until it is too late.

While an effective rehab program like the one at Narconon centers around the world can restore sobriety, the best solution is to prevent drug use before it starts. In other words, when it comes to drug addiction, an ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure.

Narconon drug education programs lead the way to drug-free lives. More than three million school children around the world have benefited from Narconon drug education and training programs. And what’s more, our drug ed program has proven effective in preventing drug use by these youth.

For Narconon centers the world over, drug prevention activities and drug ed lectures are part of the daily job description. While some Narconon staff provide effective drug rehabilitation to clients, others reach out into the community to help create drug-free zones.

One recently completed outcome study of Narconon drug education programs demonstrates its effectiveness in reducing the incidence of drug abuse among high school students.

If you or someone you know needs help, you are in the right place. Contact a drug abuse solutions specialist at the Narconon Riverbend Retreat now. We are here to help.