The New Life Detoxification Program

Notepad on table Detox time

The Narconon program is a very uniquely designed drug abuse rehabilitation program. It is one that uses a 100% drug-free, healthy and natural approach.

The program employs non-drug solutions to support drug withdrawal and combines this with extensive life skills and educational models of recovery.

And it is the only rehab program in the world that offers the sauna-based New Life Detoxification Program.

This program gives each person in recovery a chance to cleanse their bodies of residues left behind from the drugs they have been taking. And that includes the residues and toxins remaining from alcohol consumption.

Each person follows a strictly-controlled and monitored routine of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and sweating in a dry-heat sauna.

When a student completes this stage of the program, he experiences a brighter outlook and an improved ability to think clearly. No longer does the world look muddy and gray.

Most people completing this step talk about the reduction in cravings they experience. Some people even say their physical cravings are gone. Other difficulties such as dreams of using drugs may be reduced or gone. A pleasant side effect of the New Life Detoxification Program is the improvement in sleep and energy many individuals describe.

With these benefits, each person is more able to focus on the rest of the program, which consists of life skills education and practice using those skills.

If you or someone you love is looking for an alternative to conventional drug rehab programs, call our hotline now. We are here to help.