The Sauna Program Helped Me Tremendously

Guy in Sauna
The sauna program here at Narconon has helped me tremendously. I feel great physically now. I no longer feel lethargic throughout the day, nor do I tire easily while completing simple tasks during the day. During morning hours after waking up I also feel like I have much more energy, and I also find it easier to go to sleep at night. But also mentally, I seem to think much more clearly now, and my thought process seems much brighter also. Overall I just feel great, thanks to the sauna program.”

—E.B. Narconon Graduate

Any drug rehab counselor will tell you that withdrawal is one of the most crucial steps of recovery. During withdrawal, the drug abuser experiences intense mental cravings for their drugs of choice, followed by physical side effects that some recovering addicts have compared to torture. Here, at Narconon Louisiana, we use nutritional supplements and special procedures to reduce the pain and discomfort which addicts experience as they go through our drug-free withdrawal.

However, just because the drug abuser isn’t taking drugs any more as a result of going through withdrawal doesn’t mean that the damage he has done to his body is repaired. Even after successfully withdrawing, the ex-addict is nutritionally deprived. What is more, the residues of the chemicals he was abusing remain in his body long after his last hit.

If someone attends a drug rehab but does not get to the point of feeling physically healthy and well, it is likely that he will go back to drug abuse when he returns home. This is because he will not feel up to dealing with the problems and issues that confront him when he comes back to his once-broken life.

Narconon New Life Retreat uses a special sauna program and nutritional regimen—the New Life Detoxification—that helps a drug abuser clean out his body and return to full health. Graduates of this part of the Narconon New Life Retreat drug abuse rehab program frequently rave about how great they feel and how much energy they have.

If your loved one has tried to kick drugs, but hasn’t had the proper health assistance, we can help. Call Narconon New Life Retreat.