I Feel Amazing—Thank You Narconon

MB Narconon Graduate

When I started the Sauna detox, I was a wreck. I was mentally and physically worn out. My, body hurt and I had shakes all the time. I had no emotions. I didn’t realize how many toxins I had in my body from the drug use.

I was skeptical and felt as downtrodden as Eeyore. At times, I wanted to quit, but I didn’t.

Now, I am mentally awesome and my thought processes are so much clearer. I am full of energy—its just crazy how awesome and great I feel! Words just can’t really describe it.

Before Narconon, I had so much hate in my life and didn’t care about anyone or anything. By doing the steps of the program, I found out why I was like that and was able to fix it. I realized I care and that I love everyone.

I have learned so much from all of this and have set some great goals for my life. I know I will follow through with them and will be successful. I will flourish and prosper. I will stick to my guns.

Before this program, I had never completed anything worthwhile. I feel so great to have completed so much here and I know I will achieve even more in the future. I feel amazing about what I have learned and the changes I have made during this rehab program.

It is still so unreal to me that I have great communication skills, self-confidence and self-respect. The staff at Narconon really want everyone who goes through the program to be successful. Thank you to everyone who gave me helping a hand toward achieving my sobriety.

—MB Narconon Graduate