Narconon Absolutely Works

alexguitarFirst I want to say that the Narconon Program absolutely works.  For me, I wanted the sober lifestyle very much and saw every step of the program as a way to further my attainment of that goal.  There was quite a few bumps along that road, and I had to get real with myself and my life.  Today I look back very affectionately on my experience there.

Now, I can go to sleep at night and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride because that day I did not put any drugs into my body.  It is a deeper and more stable happiness that I feel today, and this happiness was being formed throughout my stages in the Narconon program.  I am able to throw my mind into my studies and thoroughly enjoy all of my classes at school.  I am able to plan ahead and organize the various activities my life which allow me to be successful in them.  I am able to budget my money.  Instead of being stuck coping with life, I now enjoy being a part of it and playing into it.

I cannot imagine being where I am at now without having completed the Narconon program.  The change in my attitude, focus, and overall drive towards life has increased to a marked degree.  I use the tools EVERYDAY, and they absolutely without a doubt produce results.  Life can be confusing, especially when you’re on drugs.  Not anymore.  Narconon was THE key to my freedom.

Thank you so much,

Alex Boots