My Life has Changed in Many Ways

_1120919Before Narconon, I was a heavy drug user. I was addicted to heroin and methadone which turned me into a compulsive liar, a manipulative person and a horrible son, brother, and family member. My drug use started at 16 when I started smoking weed. My use gradually worsened over the years as I started doing opiates. At that point, I couldn’t keep a job or a relationship and was starting to be defiant towards the people who loved and cared about me.

When I started doing heroin, I quickly watched my life spiral out of control. I gave up everything I ever tried working towards and I gave up on myself. I didn’t care what anybody had to say and I always thought I was doomed to failure and going to be a drug addict for the rest of my life.

Have you ever seen those movies where the guy is sitting there about to do something bad and the angel pops up and tries talking him out of doing a bad action, and then the devil pops up on the other side and tries to get the person to do bad.  Well, when I was on heroin I always thought the devil was just sitting there talking me into it and the angel was nowhere to be found.

I have now realized there were angels around me the whole time. Those angels were my family and friends who wanted to see me do constructive things with my life instead of being destructive to myself and others around me.

My life has changed in many ways with my family.   I can communicate honestly now with them and most importantly, I take responsibility for my actions. It’s not my parents fault that I did drugs. I did drugs and that’s all that matters. I don’t put the blame on anybody else; I was the one who made all my choices in life and a lot of them were wrong choices.

The best choice I have ever made was going to Narconon. That place saved my life. Every single member of staff is very dedicated to each individual and they are all kind, warm-hearted people. I would strongly recommend Narconon to anybody seeking help for addiction.