How I Found the Stepping Stones on My Road to Success in Life

  Life before Narconon was pretty much a big game to me, just not a survival one.  Life got to the point that I started to get amused by pain and I didn’t even care about anything anymore.    Then I went to Narconon  and I made the decision I would take on any challenge that was brought to the table.  I had more than a few tough times but the staff members were always there to help me through those rough spots day in and day out.  That was  really big for me to know that there are still people who actually care about other people unconditionally.

The biggest thing I loved about Narconon is there is always a positive vibe that made me feel good about getting through the program.  I got more than I expected out of this program and I am honestly satisfied with everything the program taught me.  I will utilize everything I obtained on the Narconon program.

It is hard for me to pin point what was the best part of the program, but I really liked the Life Skill Courses.  I confronted all of my problems and addressed all of my issues and handled them properly.  I am happy to say I have accomplished something greater than anything I have ever accomplished in my life.  I will cherish this moment for the rest of my life knowing I got off drugs, I am going to stay sober and I will achieve so much more than before.

All of the tools I have learned will be key stepping stones on my road to success in life.  My life has changed a lot in this short period of time.  I’d like to thank everyone I went through the program with and all the staff, especially Cathy Steiner!