Narconon Solves the Issues Underlying Addiction

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“I personally got a lot out of this part of the Narconon program. I learned a lot about what went wrong with my relationships in the past and how to not let these situations arise in the future. I also feel like I learned how to deal with everyday situations in life in order to improve my success in the world. I’ve learned how my decisions affect every part of my life and I am grateful for this.”

—Recent Narconon Riverbend Retreat Graduate

People take drugs for a variety of reasons. In almost every case, the basic reason is that they had a problem that they couldn’t deal with, and so they started to take drugs to escape it.

When someone “graduates” from a rehab but hasn’t dealt with this basic problem that brought him to drugs in the first place, it’s almost a complete certainty that he or she will revert back to drugs.

The reason for this is that when someone gets clean but then is confronted with the overwhelming issue that led him to drugs in the first place, he feels like he has no other solution than to use.

One of the reasons that Narconon Riverbend Retreat has a high success rate is that part of the Narconon program deals with equipping the ex-drug addict with the tools and skills he needs to deal with his problems and be responsible with his relationships.

Without these basic actions being taken, the drug addict has gotten clean and sober physically but not dealt with the mental and emotional issues that caused the problem to begin with. It’s akin to putting out an electrical fire but not bothering to repair the socket afterwards but just going about your daily business. Rehabs that don’t help people with their life skills after getting them clean should not be surprised at having a low success rate.

If you would like to learn more about Narconon and the Riverbend Retreat drug rehab facility, or if you feel like your loved should have the best shot at recovery, call this hotline. A caring, experienced counselor is standing by.