“Narconon Has Changed My Life!”

Here is a success story from Narconon student Lucas B., in his own words:

When I first got here, I wasn’t a happy person and I was pretty grimy.  But after going through this program, I have finally learned how to be happy in everyday life without drugs.  I have repaired all my relationships with my family and things have never been better.  [This program] really gave me control over myself and my decisions.  I can now see right from wrong and actually do the right thing. […] The program really has saved my life!  It has brought my attention to how I used to live and how it affected me and everyone around me.  

I found out what brought me to using drugs and a life of destruction.  I know now I will be able to change all of this and live a happy and successful life.  My life is in my hands and in my control and NOT drugs, for once.  I have a new ambition towards life and am excited to actually live for the first time.  I know I have the ability to accomplish anything I want.  I can actually be an honest person now and play a game in the life I can win!  I will succeed.  Narconon has changed my life!

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