I Know I Can Achieve Anything Now!

MF Narconon Graduate

Success is something I thought I could never achieve.

I had lost my ability to confront life years ago and would stray away from doing things in life due to my fear of failure. I don’t feel like a failure now.

Through the Narconon program, I was able to peel away the mask that I had put on and was truly able to uncover the real Michael.

The person the alcohol and drugs turned me into was exactly who I used to laugh at when I was younger, stating that I would never be like them—but, that’s exactly what I became.

I only cared about myself and did not have the capability to see how my actions affected my friends and family. I always pushed the blame off onto them, not seeing that I was doing things to them that was causing these reactions with myself. That is how I ruined relationships.

“ I have learned the skills to get through my problems
 without reverting back to alcohol or drugs.”

Now my familial relationships are stronger than ever, even before I picked up alcohol and drugs as a solution. I actually have a relationship with my Dad and am able to talk to my sister without getting into some kind of an argument.

I think the biggest thing I gained at Narconon is that I have found my purpose in life and have learned the skills to get through my problems without reverting back to alcohol or drugs.

The other big realization I had was that I am able to take a look at others viewpoints on situations. For the longest time I could only see my viewpoint and if you didn’t like that, it was your problem, not mine!

I now care about what I do and how I make others feel. I no longer “think” I am, I know I am. I can accomplish anything I set out to do without running away from it.

—MF Narconon Graduate