To Everyone Who Supported Me

CG Narconon Graduate

My life had become an out of control downward spiral. My addiction to opiates had turned me into a prisoner in a prison of my own making. I cannot imagine a hell worse than what my life had become. I was destroying the lives of everyone around me including those that I cared about the most. I was a lost cause and those around me had begun to suspect that I would never change on my own.

I remember my family telling me about Narconon Louisiana, and I remember the hopelessness that I was feeling. I decided to give it a chance and soon my life was completely flipped right side up.

Narconon didn’t save my life, it gave me the tools to save my own life and to get my true self back. I was so glad to become myself again. I ended up with so much more than just sobriety. I have established a whole new level of success that I never thought was possible to reach.

Whoever thought that I would be a part of a caring group of amazing people who are absolutely astonishing and willing to put themselves in the position of saving lives? I am truly grateful for the opportunity I have to create a new life for myself.

To everyone who supported me, I am so thankful for you in my life and recommend Narconon Louisiana to anyone who is struggling with drug addiction.

—CG Narconon Graduate