How I Learned to Better My Life

AUI have gained so much through the process of this program. I feel completely different and it feels really good. I just wanted to get to a point where I could live my everyday life sober and I can now. My body feels 100% better and my communication skills are at their very best.

I have been helped through every part of the program by the staff when needed and I am extremely grateful. The staff is some of the best people I have ever been surrounded by. They are great people!

This Program has helped me deal with issues I didn’t even know existed and made me realize why I have made the past choices I have made. My decision and thought process has changed a considerable amount. I think more clearly and make choices to better my life.

I am so happy I was given this opportunity and will forever be grateful. This process has changed my life and I am excited to live a sober and happy life for myself. Thank you so much! :)


My Dad and I