I Want Everyone to Know there is Hope

I want whoever is reading this to know that there is hope with this program.  I came to Narconon with no self-esteem, no goals, and not wanting to go on with my life.  I had crashed my car, I had no cell phone or job.  I put a lot of stress on my family and created a lot of damage with them.  I was tired of feeling like I couldn’t feel normal without a chemical substance.

I arrived at Narconon with a  6’4” height, weighing 160 pounds, a body of nothing but skin and bones.  By the end of the program, I had gained 45 pounds in a completely healthy way.  I am now motivated to stay healthy and fit, when I had lost the motivation before.  One of the best parts of the program was the sauna, which helped me get rid of all of the toxins that I have put in my body over the years.  I felt like I was a kid again after that.  I got my sense of taste back and was even able to smell again.  I was able to feel things and emotions again, which at first was tough.

Thanks to the great staff at Narconon, I was able to learn how to handle my emotions the right way.  The program has helped me get a clear mind and body.  I feel comfortable talking and confronting people and my problems.  I met a lot of great people that have influenced me in many ways from the staff to the students, even the chef taught me a lot!  I have obtained a better work ethic.

Even though I had lost trust and maybe some respect from my family, they never gave up on me and were there the entire time to help me get through the program.  I will always owe them for helping and supporting me, but I plan to rebuild the trust and show them that I am a great son and brother.  I am excited about starting my new life.