I Have a Life I Never Thought I Deserved

BP Narconon Graduate

Before Narconon, life was hopeless. I was addicted to a combination of prescription and illicit drugs for years. I had tried multiple
12- step rehabs and was very unsuccessful at my attempts to stay sober.

I was unable to manage my life, unable to take care of my son, and the only thing I was doing was getting high.

I decided to attempt sobriety once more with very low hopes. I heard of a different type of rehab through a family friend and off I went to rehab, again.

As I went through the Narconon program, I was amazed every step of the way. I changed in ways I never thought I would. All of a sudden it was difficult to do things that came so natural on drugs, like lie, cheat, manipulate, and be mean in general.

“I have true happiness and it’s even more amazing than I could have ever imagined.”

My new normal and easy, natural way to live was honest, compassionate and caring and I realized I was a good person.

Taking away the drugs that for so many years covered up who I truly was, I found out who I am. I achieved happiness for the first time ever and it’s truly amazing. Now, it’s two years later and I am still happy. The time has flown by.

I have a life I never thought I deserved. I am the mother I always wanted to be, the girlfriend I knew I was capable of being and now I work helping others through the Narconon program.

I finally have this life I never imagined I could and I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the Narconon program. I have something people search a lifetime for. I have true happiness and it’s even more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

BP— Narconon Graduate