Thank You for Not Giving up on Me!!!

“Attending Narconon has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. And anything that could even compare came after I completed the program.
I really thought I could handle my intense depression, confusion and addiction by myself and I was very wrong.
After a few years of back and forth addiction and general degredation not only of my body, but my personality, family and friend relationships and any road leading to my goals, which at the time, were few to none.

One of the hardest things for me to do had been to keep persisting. Persisting in life, toward a goal, in a relationship, with my own well-being, etc. It always seemed to fall to pieces and I would quit and I wasn’t quite sure why.
Well, not only did I find out why, during the Narconon program, but I handled it. I regained the confidence in myself to persist and was secure that I could, in fact, make it! I handled the addiction, inside and out; from the physical aspect to the mental tendencies to the underlying reason why I started doing any substances in the first place.

I do say “I” handled them, because when it comes down to it, it is the person himself who is going to decide to change or not, but I definitely couldn’t have done it alone…
I needed an entire support system of caring, dedicated, devoted, understanding and very real individuals to help me though, and a solid, reliable program that made sense! I really needed them to help me realize my full potential and I owe my new life to them.
And that’s what Narconon is there for. The “New Life Retreat”- and it really is.

As of now, over a year later, I am stable, happy, confident, free of inhibitions, pursuing my goals and persisting in them. I’m completely drug and alcohol free and it’s a cake walk (seriously).
I truly care for others and when I want to help them. I do. I set a good example for everyone I meet and no longer feel like the troublesome kid or the “problem”.

Throughout the entire program, I saw, not only myself, but others around me change, from broken creatures into these loving, creative, intelligent, adoring people who really wanted to make things happen in their life and in the world. They were done with wasting time. And I was too!
Don’t believe it when someone says “Once an addict, always an addict”.
Literally anyone can get better and stay better.

Much love and a thousand thanks to the staff at Narconon. Thank you for not giving up on me!!!”​