A Success at Narconon

Sober young woman sitting on a hill.

This is an excerpt from an interview with a young lady who had success at the Narconon program.

“My Name is Lacy and I am 26 years old.

“My life before coming to Narconon was pretty much a nightmare. I was pretty much like dead. I accepted death every day and the probable outcome of what I was doing each day. It was just like I was living in robotic motions. I had been a drug user for a very long time.”

Her drug of choice was heroin and she had a very rough withdraw. There were many times she wanted to leave but thanks to the staff at Narconon she stuck it out.

In Lacy’s own words, “Yes, it sucks, it is gonna suck, but it gets a hell of a lot better. The sun does come out on it and you do feel better after you get that badness out of you.”

And here is what Lacy had to say regarding the step on the program in which she addressed her application of ethics to situations in her life:

“Repairing my Ethical conditions was an amazing process for me. I had been through many rehabs before. I moved around a lot, I always tried to get away from what I thought ‘bad’ was. But everywhere I ended up, I ended up in the exact same situation I had been in previously. It may be many different circumstances—different people, different area—but it was the same thing over and over again and I was in a whirlwind scratching my head going ‘How did I end up like this again?’

“I moved away. I got new friends, I went to meetings, I did everything I was supposed to do but I was still stuck right there. Addressing the ethics conditions grabs a hold of the very first time you did that. It grabs a hold of you and you can actually fix it. It gives you the tools to fix it. So it’s not just carrying around all this crap on your back for the rest of your life.

“No, you don’t need to carry that around anymore. This place could teach you how to fix that original thing and come through all of that past crap. It gave me myself again. For so long I had been telling everyone, ‘I’m just being myself, I’m just being me. I’m just doing what I do. I’m a drug addict and that is what I do.’

“That was my excuse. That wasn’t me. I found myself here. This is who I really am. And it is liberating, it’s awesome!

“I look forward to everything. I look forward to actually living for myself. I am no longer controlled by a sickness. I am no longer controlled by drugs. I am no longer controlled by alcohol. I don’t have a thousand pounds on my shoulders anymore. I am so excited to actually be myself and live my life.

“I have started the process and I am going to go to EMT school and I am going to be the first one there for people who were like me. I am going to try and make it different for my life. Because that is what I need to do and I knew that is what I needed to do when I came here.

It’s an amazing feeling to know hopefully my life will change someone else’s life.”

That is beautiful. If you had to give me two words that defined who you are, what would that be?

“Free. I am finally free! Thank you.”

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