A Very Huge THANK YOU!

I feel like I probably should have said this a very long time ago, but my family and me owe you all a very huge THANK YOU!

My brother came to you all in August of 2010 I believe, as an opiate (oxy) addict. He had already completed a 30-day rehab in Gainesville, FL prior to that and had relapsed. He had started using drugs when he was a teenager and tried several different ones over the years. I believe the only drug he told me he hadn’t tried was heroin because he didn’t like needles. He was in bad shape when I found out about Narconon and reached out to you for more information.

In fact, I found out about you all by calling a drug abuse hotline. The man I spoke with told me Narconon had a high success rate in treating drug addiction and recommended us giving it a shot. I immediately contacted you. I forget the man that helped with getting me the information I needed to pass along to my brother and talked to him on several occasions.

My brother had some huge apprehensions about going to Narconon because of the non-traditional treatment modality to it, but we made the drive out any way. I remember sitting there talking to the intake counselor and saying that I didn’t care what religion my brother came out of there practicing as long as he was healthy and on the road to recovery.

I know he was resistant and bullheaded while on the program but whatever you all taught him has worked. He is now almost 5 years sober and recently completed peace officer training so he is now a police officer in our hometown. He is also expecting a baby next year with his long-time girlfriend. Without Narconon, I don’t think he would have survived much longer and he definitely wouldn’t be where he is today.

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.  The staff and the program is a blessing.  I continue to follow the program and read the success stories. I will always recommend this program to those in need of help