Advantages to Private Drug Treatment Centers


Private drug treatment centers such as Riverbend Retreat can offer many advantages over government-sponsored rehabs or support groups. A private drug rehab program is owned by an individual or group of individuals in the private sector and run either on a non-profit or for-profit basis. Private treatment centers are held accountable by the state where they are located as well as by the federal government. However, these programs are not run by or funded by the state or federal government.

Many private drug treatment centers offer alternatives to typical 12-step programs as well as more amenities and a variety of drug treatment techniques.

The Narconon program is contrary to 12-step sponsored programs that attempt to convince the addict he has an incurable disease and he will be a victim of drugs and alcohol for the rest of his life. The Narconon program will guide the addict through the life changes necessary to rehabilitate him and give him a drug-free life that does not include living with an “incurable disease” for the rest of their life.

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