Out of State Rehabs

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When family members of addicts are culling through the wide variety of drug abuse rehabilitation options, one question often is in the forefront of their minds: “Should I consider sending him to a rehab out of state?”

For most people, the instant response is “No.” You are already sending your loved one into a strange new environment. In the case of a residential or inpatient drug rehab, the amount of time you’ll get to spend with them is already limited. Sending them away for drug rehabilitation seems counterproductive.

But there are some good arguments for not limiting your drug rehab search to an in-town option. First of all, you have more options. It’s highly likely that the best rehabilitation program for your loved one is of the out of state variety. That’s because there may be hundreds of drug abuse rehab options in your state, but tens of thousands nationwide. When you don’t limit yourself by geography, you can pick a rehab with a better success rate that fits your loved one’s circumstances.

What is more, one of the main contributing factors to an addict continuing to abuse drugs is that his peers are doing the same. The people who he is connected with in town, including his dealers and fellow addicts, all want him to continue using drugs and will actually seek to stop him if he tries to get clean. Going out of state lets the addict “get away from it all” and gain the clarity of mind necessary to get fully rehabilitated from substance dependence.

Choosing a drug rehab can be a difficult process, and is actually one of the main determining factors in whether or not the addict can rid himself of dependence. We are a non-profit that has helped hundreds of people live drug-free forever using our long term drug rehab program. Call Narconon Louisiana now. We’ll help.