Drug Rehab Allows People to Regain Control of Their Lives

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Ex-addict celebrates permanent sobriety through Narconon drug treatment.

There was a time when *Liz thought she would never escape the ironclad grips of drug addiction. “I was pretty convinced I was one of those people that just couldn’t be helped – that just wouldn’t get it,” she explains in a recent interview.

Liz had led most of her life addicted to some kind of drug—mainly opiates. In addition to her drug use, Liz had stacked up quite a few legal troubles pointing to jail, death or going to a drug rehab as the only solutions to the problem.

After trying traditional treatment and going back to drugs, Liz served 16 months in prison for illegally obtaining prescription narcotics in 2003. She was then released from prison in the hopes that she had learned her lesson. But soon Liz received her second probation revocation for theft and looking at ten years in prison. At this point she looked to drug rehab as a real solution in changing her life around.

Liz began searching for a different kind of rehabilitation program, and came across an idea that had never occurred to her before; a rehab that did not subscribe to the idea that addiction was a disease. “I was interested immediately,” says Liz. “I had been in and out of other types of rehabs my entire life and none of the others worked for me. This was something that I hadn’t tried yet. Liz had found Narconon Louisiana.

After several months of treatment, Liz completed the program and had to return to Texas and face her legal situation. While standing in front of the judge for her second probation revocation (and looking at a likely prison term) Liz spoke to the judge about her journey with drug abuse and recovery.

“I told them what I had learned at Narconon Louisiana and that I will carry that with me for the rest of my life. I am not defined by my addiction. I do not consider myself an addict. I was a person that used drugs to solve problems that I had neither the confidence nor the ability to solve myself.” After several minutes she ended by saying, “Today I face, confront and handle whatever comes my way. I accept responsibility for my condition in life and I do not blame my crime on drugs.”

Impressed with her sincerity, the judge released Liz from her charges and congratulated her for finally turning her life around.

Narconon Louisiana is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Clients that enroll in the program go through a series of different phases, each one allowing them to handle underlying reasons why they started using drugs in the first place and helping them to overcome these issues permanently. Narconon Louisiana believes that an individual turns to drugs as a solution to a problem. The drug use then causes that person much greater problems. But, once that problem is isolated and handled, the individual no longer turns to drugs as a solution.

Using this unique concept to handle addiction, Narconon Louisiana achieves an ever-growing number of graduates who now lead new lives free from drugs.

If you or anyone you know are in need of a drug rehab program that gets results, call Narconon Louisiana.

*Name has been changed to protect confidentiality