Give Your Loved One the Gift of Sobriety This Holiday Season

Christmas Fight

Addiction affects more than just the addicts themselves. Families, relationships, and friendships can all be destroyed in the face of substance abuse. This holiday season give the gift that will not only save an addict’s life, but your life as well – drug rehabilitation through Narconon Louisiana.

Narconon Louisiana’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility focuses on providing addicts with the ability to live their life the way they always intended. Addiction affects more than just the addict, it affects everyone the addict comes in contact with. Unfortunately the holiday season can make it all too obvious that someone is in need of help.

According to a recent study, cases of depression, drunk driving accidents, suicide, even domestic violence all increase during the holiday season. The cause of this is simple. Addicts, faced with the guilt and deception that the holidays bring along, cannot face reality. While everyone is rejoicing, spending time with loved ones, and preparing for the holidays, addicts are looking for any way to escape them.

Opened in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Narconon Louisiana is no stranger to the increased amount of calls received during the holiday season. “Every year at about this time family members begin to really see that addiction has taken over their loved one,” explains the Executive Director of Narconon Louisiana. “For the most part families can be basically tricked by the addict or affected emotionally by the time of the year to wait until after the holidays to get the person treatment.

“Usually the holidays are a time where families get together and it becomes apparent that the individual is in desperate need of help and, at the same time, the addict will tend to use more because of the guilt, cravings and depression associated with the addiction.” “The answer is getting the person into effective treatment.”

One way that the Narconon program does this is by using a unique detoxification method that rids the body of drug and alcohol residues. Left unhandled, these residues—toxins in other words—can cause the addict to continue struggling with cravings and to relapse—the most common downfall of sobriety.

Along with detoxifying the body, Narconon Louisiana does not subscribe to the idea that addiction is a disease. The final outcome of the rehab program is that the individual realizes what problem drugs were a solution to, and handles that problem, thereby eliminating the persistent and overwhelming need to get high.

While the holiday season is a time of joy and togetherness, it can also be a time where the cycle of addiction can take control of the entire family.

But the good news is that drug addiction does not have to go unhandled. If you or someone you know are in need of help, call Narconon Louisiana. The holiday season can become the start of a brand new life for you and your family.