When Drug Rehab Fails Some Offer Unusual Solutions for Addicts

Struggling Guy

Everyone has heard the horror stories of children being affected by their parents’ drug addictions. Whether it is being raised by grandparents because mom and dad are too concerned with getting high, a baby born addicted to the drugs their mother abused while pregnant, or even children growing up with meth labs in their kitchens. In an attempt to handle this crisis, some people are encouraging drug addicts to undergo procedures to make them sterile. However, this extreme measure would not be necessary if more people suffering from addiction would enroll in an effective drug and alcohol rehab.

Narconon Louisiana ensures that clients are given the opportunity to not only regain control of their lives, but to handle what problems drugs and alcohol were a solution for. This non-traditional rehab does not subscribe to the idea that addiction is a disease; instead clients focus on what decisions in their life led them to the point of addiction.

In addition to Narconon’s unique approach to rehabilitation, clients are also given the opportunity to detoxify their body. The New Life Detoxification program is a process that eliminates cravings, which are so often the downfall of sobriety. When a person takes drugs or consumes large amounts of alcohol, the toxins store in the fatty tissues of the body. This allows for cravings, which is the body’s way of reminding the person that the drugs or alcohol are necessary.

Drugs and alcohol have the ability to take over someone’s life, but getting a permanent surgery to prevent pregnancy is succumbing to addiction. It’s a defeat—drugs have won by that point. In order to really handle this epidemic that is sweeping throughout our country, taking hold of our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, control needs to be given back to the addict. Because that is what drugs and alcohol do, they take the control away from the person so that they are living their life for the next high or the next drink.

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