Drugs Cause a Dwindling Spiral of Life Problems

Heroin Addict

An addict is involved in what is called a dwindling spiral. This is a downward path into further and further depression, out of control feelings and hopelessness. Now is the time to do something before the addicted person winds up in jail or dead from an overdose or accident. In the past there have been many failed attempts to overcome addiction which only further pushed the addict down the spiral.

In many cities there is an increased need for effective drug and alcohol rehab and addiction treatment centers as drug and alcohol use continues to escalate. What is needed and wanted is a drug treatment which not only takes care of the physical addiction, but finds the underlying reason why a person turns to drugs. When you find the underlying reason you will be able to free the person from drug addiction. These addicts need a real, effective drug rehab treatment center. Get them to a center where they are not on a time schedule or given other drugs to get them off the original one. The addict needs a reliable proven program where when they are done, their drug addiction is a thing of the past and they are now able to live full, productive lives free of the stranglehold of drugs or alcohol.

The Narconon program is a uniquely designed program. It is one that uses a 100% holistic, drug-free, and natural approach. The program uses natural remedies for cravings and withdrawal and combines these with extensive life skills and educational models of treatment. It is the only one in the world that provides New Life Detoxification. This program gives the students a chance to cleanse their body naturally of the drugs he or she has been taking. The student is put on a regimen of exercise, nutritional supplements and induced sweating in a dry-heat sauna. This part of the program increases the chances of successful treatment because harmful stored toxins, capable of causing effects at any time, have been eliminated from the body. After the student has gotten through this part of the program he is healthy and alert. Now he can put more focus on the remaining parts of the program. At this point the student is no longer worried about physical cravings, sleeping problems and drug withdrawals.

Narconon New Life Retreat success is measured by the ever-growing number of program graduates who remain drug-free. The center provides comfortable care for its students.

If you or someone you love need to get drug-free, contact Narconon Louisiana. As one of the premier rehabs in Louisiana, we’ll be able to help you with the problems you’ve run into in your efforts to overcome addiction.