What is the Drug Trend in Louisiana?

In 2010, Poison Control Centers across the country began getting calls about a new drug nicknamed ”bath salts” that was sending the users into paranoid, delusional and sometimes violent states. The Louisiana Poison Center started getting more of these calls than any other state – 165 in just three months. Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, acted on this health emergency by making the most common active ingredients in bath salts illegal.

These bath salts are packaged in foil packets and sold in convenience store and gas stations. They are branded with names like Ivory Wave, White Lighting, White or Red Dove. The packets contains chemicals like mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MDPV, very dangerous drugs that can cause murderous rages, psychotic episodes, homicide or suicide. 

There is no answer as to why Louisiana saw the highest number of these cases. The DEA was asked to do a thorough investigation.

Synthetic drugs such as bath salts can easily ruin your life. Rehabs in Louisiana are vital resources to help the bath salts user get sober again. 

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