New Louisiana drug trend: fake bath salts

As a drug rehabilitation program based in Louisiana, we keep close tabs on any new drug trends originating in our state.  One major drug problem that has recently hit national news is local abuse of bath salts.Fox News reports that the Louisiana Poison Control Center has received 165 calls since September from people who have snorted fake bath salts.  The problem has become so bad in Louisiana that Governor Bobby Jindal recently signed a ban that makes the active ingredient in bath salts illegal.

Until the ban, these fake bath salts were sold in Louisiana convenience stores and gas stations under the names “Ivory Wave,” “White Lightning,” and “Red” or “White Dove”.

More than half of all national poison control center calls regarding these fake bath salts originate from Louisiana.  Governor Jindal has asked the DEA to investigate the possibility of Louisiana being a manufacturing or distribution center for these drugs.

If you have discovered that your loved one has been abusing fake bath salts, it is likely he or she is abusing other drugs as well.  Act now as combinations of drugs have proven deadly.  Call one of our Louisiana drug rehabilitation program counselors now for immediate assistance at (877) 340-3602.