Lake Charles Drug Abuse Crackdown Results in Several Arrests

Crack cocaine dealers based in Lake Charles, Louisiana were recently arrested and charged with crack cocaine distribution. Three suspects still remain at large and Lake Charles authorities are asking for public assistance in finding these criminals and bringing them to justice. The drug dealers refer to themselves as the “Nolia Gs.” 

Crack cocaine continues to be a major problem for Louisiana residents. Although synthetic drugs have gotten more attention in the local media, crack cocaine is still the major issue in urban areas of Louisiana such as Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette.

Unfortunately, many crack cocaine addicts are not able to find the drug abuse rehab treatment they need. And just as unfortunately, there are plenty of drug dealers left on the street to supply addicts and find new people to become addicted. 

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Crack cocaine addiction is a major problem but you don’t have to live with this forever. Something can be done about it. We can help.