Louisiana Undercover Police Bust Drug Dealer

Berwick, Louisiana and Louisiana State Police officers were successful in nabbing a drug dealer dealing Lortabs and Xanax pills to local Berwick, LA residents. The offender, Chris Evans, recently pled guilty and was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment.

Lortabs are popular painkillers and Xanax pills are prescribed for anxiety. Many people abuse them together. This arrest was made after an undercover operative witnessed Evans make a sale of twelve Lortabs. In executing their search warrant, police uncovered a stash of almost three hundred pills.

This is one more drug dealer off the streets. For every one drug dealer that is busted by Louisiana police, there may be a dozen still operating, but law enforcement is one of the necessary components to fighting drug abuse. It must be coupled with prevention and recovery. 

Prescription drugs are fast becoming the most-commonly abused drugs in the state. Many drug dealers, like Chris Evans, are dealing exclusively in prescription drugs now, profiting form keeping Louisiana residents addicted.

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