Louisiana Legislature Considers Designer Drug Ban

Legislators in Louisiana are answering the problem of widespread abuse of synthetic drugs by introducing a bill that would make these drugs Schedule I narcotics.

Synthetic drugs are also called ”designer” drugs because they are created in a laboratory, the products of unscrupulous chemists bent on making profits, no matter how many people are hurt in the process. A Schedule I narcotic is in the same class as ecstasy or heroin: a harmful, addictive substance with no medical use.

The most commonly abused designer drugs in Louisiana include the drugs nicknamed ”bath salts” (because they may be labeled as bath salts, ”not for human consumption”) and synthetic cannabinoids that supposedly mimic the effects of marijuana.

Manufacturers of these drugs are able to sell them in head shops or convenience stores because their deceptive labeling means that they don’t violate state narcotic laws. However, the harm that these drugs have wreaked on Louisiana’s population is undeniable. For example, Louisiana had almost one hundred calls to its poison control center just for bath salt overdoses.

Mark Ryan, the Director of the Poison Control Center for the state of Louisiana, said that bath salts are the most harmful drugs he’s dealt with in his two decades on the job.

Until the definition of “drug” is sufficiently broadened by Louisiana lawmakers, we may continue to have the problem of new designer drugs coming on the market that slip through the regulatory cracks and harm our neighbors. Hopefully, a bill will eventually pass that will not only ban these dangerous, addictive drugs but also fund public education on their dangers.

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