Narconon Riverbend’s Unique Program


Narconon has a unique program that is holistic and drug-free.

A holistic drug rehab program treats the whole person, taking their emotional and social needs into account rather than just treating the physical symptoms of addiction.

There are many programs that offer a person a medication-based approach to recovery, but in this approach, a person is still reliant on an addictive substance and only the physical side of addiction is being addressed.

While the individual may not be getting high from these drugs, they still have mental and physical effects as well as a list of side effects. The individual that dreams of a new, sober life is likely to be disappointed when he finds he is still influenced by addictive substances.

The Narconon program is designed to be 100% drug-free. (If a person has a medical condition that requires medication, of course, that person would continue on that properly prescribed medication.)

Each person completing the Narconon program knows what it feels like to be free from any mind-altering drugs or alcohol in his (or her) body. For some individuals, it is the first time in decades they have felt that way.

The Narconon program also includes a deep, sauna-based detoxification step. This step helps relieve a major physical reason for relapse.

Most people who come to Narconon have been abusing drugs or drinking for years—sometimes for decades. With every dose of heroin, meth, marijuana, alcohol or other drug, traces are left in the fatty tissues of the body. They accumulate, year after year, and the person’s thinking gets cloudy and his outlook gets dark.

Therefore, the first step of the Narconon drug rehab program is to flush out these accumulated toxins with a precise, carefully supervised sauna detoxification.

After moderate daily exercise, each person spends supervised time in a dry-heat sauna, stepping out to cool off periodically.

A strictly-controlled regimen of nutritional supplements enhances the body’s ability to draw these toxins out of the fat cells and eliminate them through the sweat.

Those completing this step comment on how much clearer their thinking is and how much brighter their outlook is. Many people also note that their physical cravings are lower and manageable or perhaps are even gone.

After that regimen, the student is now in a more alert state and is able to focus sufficiently to begin building his ability to lead a sober life.

The first step in regaining this ability is the Objectives, a series of exercises that sharpen one’s perceptions of the present time environment. Any person who has been addicted has experienced plenty of trauma and upsets and these experiences often drag a person down mentally and emotionally. As the present environment becomes more immediate, the trauma of the past begins to fall away. These exercises also help a person gain more control over his own thoughts and actions. This is a vital improvement needed to help a person gain control over his sobriety.

The Objectives step is followed by training in the specific life skills a person needs to avoid relapse. With each new skill, a person gains greater abilities to make sober decisions and manage his life without wanting to escape into drug or alcohol use.

Narconon Riverbend in Louisiana takes care of all accommodations, food and 24-hour supervision so that our clients can safely take the time to address their own rehabilitation. Narconon Louisiana is located in a beautiful, distraction-free environment.

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