How Narconon Riverbend Breaks the Cycle of Addiction

Bullet braking needle in half

Addiction begins with a problem, some kind of discomfort in life or some form of emotional or physical pain.

It could be an inability to have friends or deal with pressures at work or challenges in a relationship. Or there could be physical pain or illnesses, diagnosed or not.

If at a vulnerable moment, a person chooses drugs or alcohol to blot out this problem or discomfort, that person could put himself (or herself) on a path straight to addiction.

The problem seems to go away and the drugs or alcohol make him think he feels great. More drugs or alcohol continue to make the problems go away until finally, the body becomes dependent on the drugs.

Physical cravings are now likely to drive this person right into a full-blown addiction. If he tries to quit, his body will cry out for the drugs it is used to and has adjusted to.

Along with this physical dependence, drug or alcohol abuse lowers one’s perception of risk and one’s self-respect. Every time the now-addicted person blames his problems on someone else or verbally attacks them for even suggesting there’s a drug problem, his integrity slips further away and his guilt increases. All these factors simply lock the person in his addiction.

There is a program that can help you change this situation: Narconon Louisiana Riverbend Retreat.

What is the Narconon Riverbend program? It is a very different and uniquely designed program which uses a 100% holistic, drug-free, and natural approach that includes extensive life skills and educational models of treatment.

The Narconon program provides a biophysical detoxification as a vital part of preparing a person to stay sober for the rest of his life.

This uniquely designed program gives our students an opportunity to naturally cleanse their body of old, stored traces of drugs, alcohol or toxins.

Each person uses a specific regimen of exercise, nutritional supplements and induced sweating in a dry-heat sauna. Carefully supervised and exactly administered, this program draws out the old toxins that are lodged in the body. After a few weeks of this routine, a person is more able to think clearly and has a brighter outlook on life.

This step of the program greatly increases the chances of successful treatment and remaining drug-free. In the healthier and more alert state a student finds himself in after this New Life Detoxification program, he is more able to focus on the remaining phases of the program.

Many people say they no longer worry about physical cravings or sleeping problems. Some people say their dreams of using drugs finally end at this point. With fewer distractions and pressures, each student has more fortitude with which to build that new sober life he dreams of.

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