Narconon Restores Addicts to Health

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When someone habitually abuses drugs or alcohol, his body reaches a point of dependence on that substance.

At that point, his body is so nutritionally deprived that only the continued use of drugs or alcohol enable the person to keep functioning without agony.

This is one of the major reasons why withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be so difficult. It’s already a strenuous process, but a body in a weak and depleted state makes this initial detoxification process far more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

At many rehabs, those in recovery suffer unnecessary pain and sickness during withdrawal. That’s only because most rehabs don’t know that supporting a person in withdrawal with special combinations of vitamins and minerals eases withdrawal sickness and pain.

The Narconon program is known throughout the world for its tolerable withdrawal process. By providing proper nutrition as part of its regimen, Narconon staff are able to ease their clients through withdrawal.

Any drug counselor will tell you that withdrawal is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when you’re trying to beat addiction. Most people quit at the beginning.

With its unique protocol including nutrition and plenty of one-on-one work with the staff, Narconon gives you the best chance to last through withdrawal and make it all the way to sobriety.

No withdrawal could be described as easy, but Narconon makes it as easy as possible. Whether you’ve never been through withdrawal before or you’ve tried to quit many times but failed, we can help. Call Narconon Riverbend’s intake specialists at our hotline.

Our drug rehabilitation program has been helping addicts overcome addiction for years. Call us now.