The Facilities of Narconon Louisiana Riverbend Retreat

Lodge picture

Narconon Louisiana is nestled in 15 wooded acres, with several buildings to accommodate housing, classrooms, dining and recreation facilities.

This serene, protected environment is the perfect place for a person to recover from the trauma of the past.

In one building, students gather to work their way through the therapeutic classes that will guide them as they build new, sober lives.

In another building, a full kitchen prepares meals and snacks for both clients and the staff. There are also lounges where clients can relax after classes are done for the day. Board games, books, and movies are available for these individuals who are just learning that life can be fun without drugs or alcohol.

A gym and swimming pool offer opportunities to rebuild the body—a productive contrast to the improvements made in the classroom where sober living skills are being developed.

The living quarters are comfortable and contribute to the distraction-free atmosphere that enables each recovering person to focus on the task at hand. A back patio offers a relaxing location for a cup of coffee, juice or spring water.

The sauna at Narconon Louisiana is an essential component of this innovative rehab program. In a careful balance of nutrition, time spent sweating in the sauna and moderate daily exercise, each person is able to flush out old stored drug toxins that have been shown to have a mental and emotional effect, even years later. With the sauna right on site, each person can progress through their recovery programs at maximum speed.

When a student comes to Narconon Riverbend, our facility provides a peaceful, serene way to travel from addicted to fully drug-free. This distraction-free environment with 24-hour supervision and support provides security and protection for clients and for the family’s peace of mind back home.

Any hour of the day or night, staff are available to help calm a person’s anxieties and help them progress to the next step of their programs.

At this rehab, there are no group sessions to attend. Life skills are learned in the classroom and then practiced in life. This is a responsibility-based approach that many drug abuse centers don’t offer.

If you or someone you love needs to overcome addiction, contact our long term drug rehab intake advisors. We can help.