I’m Off to Bigger and Better Things


I’m off to bigger and better things and even though I’m going to miss my childhood home, it’s time for me to move on and start over. I have no intention of looking back. It’s time to start building a new home and my future wife and children won’t have to worry about going through the struggles that I’ve had to go through with drugs in the last 8 years—the pointless problems, attitudes, worries, heart-breaks, destructive behavior, fears, disappointments, people, etc.

Society appears to be falling deeper and deeper into a hole because of all of the junk that today’s generation seems to believe is cool. I don’t want to put up with it anymore so I’m not going to, and my future family won’t have to either. My kids don’t need to know that their dad used to put needles in his arm, or that he ran around with a rough crowd, or that he got involved with girls that he knew weren’t any good for him and spent all of his time killing himself slowly for it. They don’t need to know that dad didn’t have any integrity, or respect, or value for himself. All they’ll need to know is who their dad is now and that that is all that truly matters. I’ll tell them one day if I choose to, but until then I have a lot of hard work, living, learning, and moving forward still left to do.

None of this rationality or realistic view could have been possible without the help of the Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat. I am forever grateful and I thank each and other every person on the staff there for helping me every day in greater or lesser degree. This place and these people gave me a second chance and cared about me even when I didn’t want another chance and didn’t care about myself. They saved my life.”

—JW Narconon Graduate