Thank You—From Your Ever-Grateful Friend

Narconon Graduate and family

When I turned 15 years old, I began using drugs. I soon found myself constantly craving and actually believing I needed chemicals in my body to function. I believed I couldn’t feel “normal” or be myself without the drugs I thought I needed every day. In turn, I did many things I knew were wrong which caused further feelings of disgust about myself.

I needed to change. I felt like I was broken—mentally, physically and spiritually. I was no longer myself. I can still remember waking up every morning disappointed that I woke again to another day of the world I created for myself. That is when I realized something deep inside me was still leading me towards survival—for the good in me I had disguised with drugs.

With the help of my amazing family, I was able to find Narconon New Life Retreat. Though I still had doubts about myself, I knew I needed to change and the one thing that helped me was that I finally wanted to change.

My withdrawal from drugs was extremely difficult. Ever day I thought I would either die or give up, until about the fifth day. I owe the utmost gratitude and respect for those who helped me through those days. On the tenth day, when I got out of the withdrawal section, my mind was made up. I decided I would never put my body, mind, soul, family or friends through that again.

I found that going into the course room was different, but I would never have found the way back to myself without the amazing instructors I had. The Life Skills courses help me to this day. Having regained the control of my body and mind was better than I could have imagined. Narconon helped guide me and taught me that I am the only one that can save myself from myself.

Narconon Graduate baby

When I left the program I knew what I wanted, needed, and would do. Since leaving, I have lived an absolutely amazing life—my life. I met a woman that I am happy and grateful to spend the rest of my life with. We have created an amazing child. I set out and made my career with a great path for our future. I wake up everyday happy and willing to do anything it takes to keep my family positive, healthy, happy and striving to grow and spread greatness to everyone we know and everything we do.

Everyone has their own definition of success. Mine is my life and what I now do every day.

Thank you. From your ever-grateful friend.

—Narconon Graduate