Rising from the Ashes of Addiction



Before I came to Narconon, I was an extremely bad drug addict, a terrible brother, and a terrible son.  I was an awful influence for my three little brothers.  I manipulated my parents to give me money, support me, and take on all of my responsibilities since before I can remember.  I started off just smoking weed out of curiosity and also to fit in at high school.  From there it honestly just escalated to more and more different drugs, because I was spending all of this time worrying about how I was going to fit in and if people were going to like me.  

If I had just been acting like myself the whole time, my real true self, I would have survived toxin free, but I didn’t.  I may have been alive, but I was surviving only through destructive actions.  I thought I hit rock bottom a few time, but it was only until I went even below rock bottom when I overdosed on heroin eight times in eight days.  All of my family and friends disconnected all communication with me.  I was so alone and kept trying to play victim to all of it, blaming everyone in the universe for the problems that I created myself.  I found every reason to just not confront the situation that I put myself in.

One day I called my dad and told him I needed to talk to him in person.  He came and picked me up off of the street and asked me what was going on.  I told him I had been using a lot of heroin and other drugs for a long time.  He said I know you have and I have been looking for the best treatment I can enroll you in that isn’t a 12-step program.  I had already been to about eight different 12-step programs and six 12-step detox programs since I was 17 years old and none of them worked.  Later on that day, my dad told me he found a really good place down in Louisiana, far, far away from all of the people I knew and far away from the areas that were bad for me.  He said your plane leaves tomorrow morning at 5:36AM.  I love that my dad did that for me.

I arrived at Narconon Louisiana and started my new life clean and sober.

I’m so glad I did the program right.  I was in the sauna detox for 31 days and ran out a lot of drugs sitting in the sauna that I hadn’t admitted to taking. I feel so much better from that – I had so much energy during the day, and I began to sleep like a baby. 

After that, I went onto the next part of the program and wow!!! I gained so much and made so many good changes. I realized who I really am and gained the ability to deal with environmental stress. I was finally able to face my past and a lot of other things that are really going to help me stay sober.

After this, I was able to fix the things that had happened in my past – the things that I had gotten myself stuck in. I thought I was surviving, but I wasn’t. I handled everything by being completely honest.

I feel completely free and clear of all the messed up things I’ve done in the past. I am ready to live a clean, happy, guilt free, and honest life. Thank you Narconon, you guys saved my life.