Former Drug Addict Safe after Rehabilitation

Women Rejoicing

The following is a success story from a family who has witnessed the devastating effects of drug addiction.

“When our family realized that our daughter needed help for her cocaine addiction, we were terrified and had no idea how to find the treatment she needed. A family friend found and put us in touch with Narconon Louisiana. From our very first conversation with their staff we felt that this would be the best place for her. They helped us find an interventionist, and really explained the program. Everyone we spoke with was very professional, kind, and sensitive to all of the feelings we were experiencing.

“All through our daughter’s stay we were always kept informed of her progress as well as what we could expect to happen when she encountered difficult periods. We wouldn’t have made it through those periods without the staff’s support. Even after our daughter’s graduation, the staff were great about following up with her, and with us, to see how she was doing. And they continued to offer their support when she needed it. Besides getting clean, our daughter has grown so much in the months she has spent at Narconon Louisiana, and we truly feel blessed to have found them. We have always been able to tell that they really care about our daughter!”

If you or anyone you know are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction please call Narconon Louisiana for more information.