What is Alcohol Addiction?

Man drinking

Alcohol addiction is habitual intoxication involving prolonged intake of alcoholic drinks. This habit leads to a health breakdown as well as other health-related issues. Cessation of alcohol use however creates severe withdrawal symptoms for the alcohol addict, sometimes resulting in death. People who are addicted to alcohol experience overwhelming cravings for alcoholic substances. Alcoholics rely on the effects of liquor, beer, wine and other alcoholic substances to cope with the stress of everyday life and other problems. As an alcoholic’s addiction progresses, he becomes less and less able to function. But long before a drinker disables himself with alcohol abuse, he has become addicted.

Family of alcohol abusers may have many questions they need answered, including, “What is alcohol addiction?“. The alcohol abuser may very well assert that he (or she) is not addicted, he can quit any time he wants to and that he merely drinks to relax. These claims do not mean he is not an addict. A person who habitually relies on alcohol to resolve problems, who cannot control his own drinking or stop when it would be smart to do so is addicted.

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