I Can Live Again!

Narconon Graduate ZC

Before coming to Narconon, I never realized the severity of my choices and the consequences of my actions.

I was all about escaping reality to make the world around me seem like a better place so that I could fill the void that I did not want to confront—which was myself in this life.

Before I knew the severity of the situation, I was controlled by drugs. I made every decision based on how much I was intoxicated and did not care about the outcome. Eventually, it lead me to rock bottom and even worse than rock bottom, it made me absolutely psychotic.

In my eyes I viewed this as a normal way of life and, sadly, I was okay with living the rest of my life like this.

This soon all changed the day I came to Narconon. At first, I was scared because I did not want to open up and air out my dirty laundry, but if I wanted to get help, I had to open up.

“I’m now coming up on ten months of sobriety and I’ve never felt so good about where I am in my life.”

My first big accomplishment came with confronting myself and everything I have done in my life and gaining control over it.

Then I went through the detoxification program and it was amazing sweating out all of the toxins and residuals that have built up over years of drug abuse. It felt as if the mask was being lifted off of me.

The rest of the program taught me not only how to take control of different situations, but how to effectively handle the situations, as well as how to raise my responsibility level and awareness of the world around me.

I’m now coming up on ten months of sobriety and I’ve never felt so good about where I am in my life.

I owe my life to Narconon. This place truly saved me from the path to destruction. I’m now able to hold my head up high, and confront everything I come across and handle it.

Lastly, I can live again!

—Narconon Graduate Z.C.