I Found a New Reason to Live


I found a new reason to live during my experience at Narconon! I got so much out of Narconon, more than I could ever imagine!

I’m able to have a relationship with my family and actually be there. I am able to love myself more than I ever have in my entire life and even get healthy. I had been bullied and put down for my weight but through Narconon and their help, I was able to not only change who I was as a person but also change my eating habits and was able to lose over 20 lbs.

I love who I am. I am able to have actual friendships with people and not be scared if they like me or not. I like me and that’s all that matters. I have my ups and downs but with the help of Narconon I’m able to handle whatever life throws at me and I’m able to do it the right way -- without drugs.

The Narconon staff is absolutely amazing and you become a family! I always thought I needed drugs to fit in or to be comfortable in any environment but after being at Narconon I realized that wasn’t true. I’m able to be in any environment comfortably. I can communicate and just be me. I can take responsibility for things in my life.

I owe Narconon everything for helping me get my life back and get back to being myself, which I had never known before.

My life on heroin was not a life I would want for anyone. I was lying to everyone around me. I had no purpose; I had no reason. I was selfish and irresponsible. It was all about me and getting my fix. I didn’t care who I lied to or who I stole from or what I did; I just had to have heroin. I was dependent on it.

I was not communicating to my family, I was lying to certain friends, I was stealing from family, friends, people I just met, and even places. Every afternoon I’d wake up and think to myself first thing “okay what can I do to get heroin”. My entire mindset and life was dependent on heroin. I always said I’d never do it or I’d never try it but there I was, shooting heroin. I thought to myself this is it. This is my life. I’m going to die and I give up. I hated myself. I was being promiscuous, I was degrading myself and I just did not care anymore.

I had no sense of responsibility and no desire to be responsible. Anything to make me feel wanted and accepted since I couldn’t love myself. I had been picked on my entire life for being heavy set. Food in my case was also an addiction.

I used people and allowed them to use me. I even used drugs to make friends.  And it didn’t matter who I hurt just as long as I had heroin.

I found Narconon online and I called their 1-800 number. I talked to Jeff and I was on a plane the next day to Louisiana. During my time spent at Narconon  I was able to strip away the fake me. I was able to strip away the pain and suffering. I finally was able to communicate about everything I had been withholding my entire life. I learned real life skills. I learned how to simply communicate to someone. I had been numb for so long that I forgot what it was like to just feel. I can remember when I cried for my first time. It felt good to actually have feelings, feelings about things I had been avoiding my entire life.

I also became able to take responsibility for the things I had done wrong and take responsibility for myself as well. I was able to find myself and realize what I liked and who I was.  I was able to smile and it was a real smile.   I was able to make friends and not care what people thought about me.

I was happier during my time at Narconon than any time that I was on drugs. I never thought that was possible. I thought I was going to be on drugs forever. I was able to form real relationships with my family as well through my time at Narconon. I was becoming more aware of my surroundings and I was noticing things about myself and life I had never noticed before.

They helped me not only with my drug addiction but also my food addiction.  They helped me get healthy.  I lost over 20 lbs with the help of Narconon. The staff at narconon always encouraged me and pushed me to be where I’m now at today. They never gave up on me and always accepted me for who I was. I never in my entire life knew who I was. I always wanted to be someone else or be cool or be wanted or accepted but not anymore. Everything that makes me me is what I love the most! I love being unique and I love being myself. I can never thank Narconon enough.