A Parent’s Story of Gratitude

Narconon Graduates Mom

Today, I was writing in a card to my mother for Mother’s Day and telling her how grateful I was for the little, everyday things.

What I was referring to was my son’s recovery from his addiction to heroin. My son has nearly one year of freedom from his addiction to heroin and we have both been grateful for every single day.

I am grateful for my son’s willingness to get well and we are both eternally grateful to Narconon Louisiana for helping him.

My son spent several months at Narconon Louisiana and has been home for over five. I was terrified of his coming home to the same place he had been using. So terrified that I spent five months applying for jobs in other cities and states so he wouldn’t have to return here. But that wasn’t the way of things. I did move to a new home, but he came back to the same town.

Every day he proves to me that Narconon was the solution to his problems. He has even been at the wrong place at the wrong time and wound up confronting a long-time friend and current user and only spoke of hope and recovery through Narconon.

My son has regained my trust to the point where I can give him my credit card to go to the dentist and pay his bill, or I can give him my debit card to put fuel in his gas tank, or I can leave the house without fear of what might be missing when I return home. I can account for every one of my spoons and go through Q-tips like a normal person.

Every day I worry less and less about my son returning to his previous addiction, all because of Narconon.

Every day I thank God for my family who helped me pay for his treatment and every day I thank God for those who work at Narconon Louisiana to help those who suffer from addiction and alcoholism. You are an amazing group of people!I.

I’ll be honest: after I put my son on a plane heading to Louisiana, I started to wonder where I had sent him. Thoughts like “were they going to steal his organs?” and crazy things like that entered my mind. Once he was there and through withdrawal and could call me, I felt better.

After he had been there for two months, I went to visit him and was fully convinced that this was THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH for my son.

“He is undoubtedly well, for life. He learned so many applicable things from Narconon that he uses and shares every day.”

We went to a movie and shopped for clothes at a local mall. After several hours, I could tell my son was becoming anxious so I suggested we return to the campus.

No sooner did I turn into the driveway at Narconon Louisiana but my son COMPLETELY decompressed. He simply said to me, “I don’t belong out there…I belong here right now.”

So, we just hung out there, smoked cigarettes, and he played a song for me on the guitar that he had written about his addiction. It made me cry to see him clean, relaxed, and healthy—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I will never forget that moment.

Since he has returned home he has given me SO MANY of these types of moments. He is undoubtedly well, for life. He learned so many applicable things from Narconon that he uses and shares every day.

I am so grateful I heard about this place called “Narconon Louisiana” on my local radio station and called.

Thank you to everyone working at Narconon Louisiana while my son was attending.

Thank you to all of my son’s fellow students who continue to encourage him.