How I Realized I Wasn’t Doomed to Be an Addict

Narconon Graduate ND

Before I arrived at Narconon I had accepted the fact that I was going to be a junkie for the rest of my life. This program showed me just how wrong I was.

After completing the New Life Detoxification step I felt like I was 13 years old again. I was amazed and couldn’t wait to finish the rest of the program.

Throughout the entire Narconon program, I continued to see positive mental and physical changes in myself. I realized that I had been dishonest and that I was scared to communicate with others.

“I feel stable and happy, and I would
not change it for anything….”

I have now been sober for eight months and I’ve changed for the better in so many ways.

I have learned to be honest and fearless with my communication. I have learned to survive in an optimum way and I am now flourishing and thriving in my life. I feel stable and happy, and I would not change it for anything.

I found myself at Narconon.

I am now able to confront anything and everything. I love the person I have grown to be. This program did so much more for me than simply handling my addiction, it helped me repair my past and discover who I really am.

This program saved my life.