Board Certified Family Physician Drug Rehab Success Story


It is with sincere appreciation and gratitude that I write this success story.

I am a Board Certified family physician practicing in Texas.

I developed a progressively worsening, socially disabling depression and had turned to alcohol.

I have many certificates and diplomas on my walls at home and the Narconon Louisiana certificate was the most difficult one for me to earn.

Of course, when I got here I wondered “what IS this place?” I wanted to leave so many times, especially in the first half of my program. However, I stuck with it and finished.

I am especially grateful to the staff for taking me on and working on me. I was suspicious, but they were tenacious and I’m better off for it. I am going to leave here profoundly and positively changed. People are going to look at me and see a man who has really turned his life around—I have.

I came here depressed and despondent with suicidal thoughts. I was critical of others to an extreme and even more so to myself. I had such self-loathing. However, I got many wins and gains and purged this nonsense from myself.

“I’m cause over my life, not effect of it and it feels great.”

I realize I am an amazing person, and more importantly, I am ok with it. I had wins throughout, but mainly in the latter stages of the program.

I learned the way to attain happiness is through honesty, with myself and others. I’m a good person. I live my life that way. I am good and everything else that matters falls into place.

I no longer live my life to be validated by others because I have the insight and self-awareness to validate myself.

I don’t drink. I’m so excited. I now have the ability to confront and handle. I’m cause over my life, not effect of it and it feels great. Thank you for your perseverance and for believing in me and helping me to believe in myself.

—P.H. Medical Doctor