Change for the Better

Graduate from Narconon

Before I arrived at Narconon, I was abusing pills and opiates. Life was challenging and I thought taking opiates would help.

One night I took a pill that I’d never taken before, thinking it would work on my stress just as the other pills had. I was very wrong.

Somehow I made the drive home, over mountain roads to where I was living.

My husband came out of our house and saw me slumped over the steering wheel. I don’t remember that drive home or how I got out of the car and into my bed. I am so grateful to him and my children for getting me to Narconon LA.

“I have changed for the better physically, mentally and emotionally.”

It wasn’t long after being at Narconon Louisiana that I knew this program would work for me. The program in its entirety works in very specific ways to debunk the mind of an addict.

I have changed for the better physically, mentally and emotionally. I can remember things so much better than when I first entered the program and my mind is clearer, sharper, and more positive.

I recommend Narconon for anyone struggling with drug abuse. It’s changed my life and it’s given me the rest of my life to look forward to—completely drug-free.

—Narconon Graduate