They Showed Me How to Save My Life

LJ Narconon Graduate

What an amazing ride this was. I could not even imagine feeling this good again and could have never accomplished this without all the staff at Narconon.

Prior to arriving at Narconon, I was in a world full of evil and could not see myself getting out.

I was not only using Heroin extremely heavily, but I was also caught up in living the life of a junkie drug dealer and that just made things worse.

My family didn’t even want me to visit them at their homes and not even my twin brother would let me come over. I was just over 160 pounds and my normal weight is over 200.

Of course, when I stopped using, the symptoms hit me hard and fast. Thank God for the Staff that helped me get through that. With their help, it made it soooo much easier than any other way I’ve ever tried to kick—and trust me I have tried them all.

I thought I felt good, then I started the “sauna” or detoxification program. Wow! 
I felt ten years younger. It was like someone reached in my brain and pulled out all the cobwebs. I gained a ton of energy, food tasted great again and all of a sudden I got my memory back. That sauna does miracles for your body and mind.

So that made me whole again physically, then we started working on the mental aspect of the program. It was hard for me to get unstuck from my past to the point where I could hardly concentrate on what I was doing. But after doing some of the next Narconon courses, I was really able to do anything and just be there doing that, not wondering about my next fix or money etc.

“I know that drugs will not be a part of my life anymore and after almost 20 years of use, that is incredible.”

Then came my favorite part of the program. I always had the misconception that drugs were the problem in my life, I was way off. After finally taking responsibility for my actions and my life, I was able to really uncover my buried past that I had all but completely forgotten.

I was able to look back and see where my problems started in all the areas of my life. It really wasn’t the drugs that were holding me back and by repairing these events I was able to start repairing all the parts of my life.

Now I feel great, my family is happy with me and I know that drugs will not be a part of my life anymore and after almost 20 years of use, that is incredible.

I can’t say enough about the staff here. I would thank them for saving my life but that wouldn’t be right—they showed me how to save my own!

L.J.— Narconon Graduate