It’s been a Long Hard Road

_1110586Wow, it’s been a long hard road, but nothing like this comes easy.  I was a wreck when I got here.  I was a liar and a junkie who hated life.  I didn’t want to confront or handle anything in life.  When I first got here, I really did not want to be at rehab but I pushed through because I had everything to lose.  I wanted to save my life and get back what I lost and I did.  The staff gave me the tools and helped me to save my life.  They didn’t do it, I did.  They just devoted themselves to helping me be the man I am now.  

I built so many relationships at Narconon Louisiana; from students to staff.  This place saved my life and I am so grateful.  I would do it again if I had to.  I moved from Mississippi to Baton Rouge and come a few days a week to help others like me.  Narconon taught me to give back and not just take.  

I love being able to give back my time to this place and to people who are just like I was.  They just need a chance.  We all need and deserve a chance.