The Narconon program saved my life

Before coming to Narconon, my life had gotten unmanageable. My family and friends were worried sick and I had lost all control of my life. I was lucky that my parents chose Narconon to send me to.

When I got to the withdrawal I had no idea what to expect and one day I was taking a walk with a withdrawal specialist and started crying even though I had no idea why.

Later, I went through the sauna detox and the Life Skills part of the program. When I got to address issues from my past, I really had to look at the things in my life that gotten to the point I had to go to rehab.  I then realized why I had gotten upset during withdrawal; because I didn’t want to look at my life because it was a mess.

That’s what I can say the Narconon program did for me. It made me look at the things I didn’t want to look at, so I could fix them.

I then realized how all of the parts of the program work together and are all for a very important reason. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time.

The Narconon program saved my life.